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Mechanical Maintenance and Service


Proactive Maintenance & Repairs, Cloud-Enabled Service History Reporting, PM Scheduling and more


ENE Systems, Inc. is known in the industry as a leading provider of mechanical services.
We have over 40 trained and certified Local 537 mechanics, many of whom have been employed with ENE Systems for over 15 years.


Because of our philosophy on business and the ability to make local decisions we have been able to recruit and retain some of the best service mechanics in the industry. We can customize a maintenance program to fit your specific needs and budget.

Our highly trained and experienced Certified Energy Managers truly care about our customers and their buildings. They understand the constant challenges that our customers face in order to keep their buildings running optimally and at the lowest possible cost. 

Our engineers have been optimizing the energy performance of buildings and industrial plants for many years.  When you combine our local staff of dedicated professionals, a flexible product line and decades of experience it becomes clear why we are the preferred source for Energy Management solutions in Eastern New England.





ENE's Mechanical Maintenance and Service offerings include:

  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Boiler and Burner
  • Package Rooftop Units
  • Air Handlers
  • Pumps
  • Air Filter Maintenance
  • Water Treatment
  • Temperature Control Systems
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Chillers and Cooling Towers
  • Computer Room Maintenance
  • Energy Consulting
  • Additional Services

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About ENE

We understand the challenges that you face in order to keep your building running optimally at the lowest cost. We understand the pressures you’re under to maintain tenant comfort and security. We understand that your needs are unique and we tailor our services to fit in when we can provide the most value.

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