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Energy Management and Conservation with ENE's Energy Advisors


Targeted upgrades of antiquated, inefficient equipment drive your energy costs down

The ENE Energy Advisor Group is staffed with qualified energy consultants and engineers who will review your energy bills, operational and maintenance procedures and practices and recommend changes that will yield long-term benefits for your organization. We will only offer improvements and projects that demonstrate a solid financial payback with minimal impact to comfort or production.

ENE Systems History

ENE has provided continuously current technology since 1987 with an investment in Research and Development and Service Programs we provide the lowest lifecycle cost of ownership, which means improved return on your investment.

We offer a full range of energy services to our customers from consulting to turnkey general contracting and project management of full scale energy projects.


The ENE Energy Advisor group tailors our services to meet your needs. Our service starts with a no-cost site visit and consultation where we typically meet with the customer to understand their particular and specific needs. Energy projects can often solve a number of different needs and can be structured in a number of different ways. It is important that we understand your needs and expectations before we get started.  Getting and keeping everyone involved with your project "on the same page" every single day is one of the reasons we stand head and shoulders above the competition.  While there will always be twists and turns along the road to maximizing your facility's efficiency, ENE will always ensure that you are an active participant in the process and fully understand what we are doing for you, why we're doing it and how your facility will benefit.

Performance Contracting

ENE Performance Contracting is designed to help those customers who have budget constraints and/or require guaranteed savings on their energy projects.  Performance Contracting is a useful tool for upgrading inefficient and aging equipment. We are able to assist you in identifying financing options for purchasing the equipment and executing the project. We will always recommend the purchase and installation of energy-efficient equipment like furnaces that burn fuel more efficiently and with less pollution.  We've helped many municipalities analyze their energy consumption trends and map out and execute plans that reduce the operating and energy costs of their buildings and/or facilities.  Many of our proposed upgrades are cost-neutral and have robust ROI within just a couple of years.  

Energy Programs

Our philosophy is simply to lower the operating and energy costs of your facility.  We would like to assist all our clients to make good financial decisions in regards to energy and energy conservation.  We do this by analyzing the operational and energy costs of your facility searching for ways to reduce costs and extend the life of your facilities and equipment.

Responsive Support

Regardless of how new or old your current system may be, our Periodic Maintenance Program will help it perform at its peak efficiency.


ENE Energy Advisors can provide turnkey general contracting and project management for your energy projects.  Any of the energy conservation measures or renewable energy measures suggested by the ENE Energy Advisors can be implemented by ENE Energy Advisors.  We have long-standing relationships with the best mechanical, electrical and specialty subcontractors in the New England area.  Our project managers are experienced, organized and committed tto the successful completion of your project.

Superior Service, Competitive Fees and a Customer-Focused Team - your partners for the life of your building. 

The more energy efficient our buildings and facilities are, the less carbon they are producing.  This means that not only are you saving a great deal of money, but you're also being a responsible steward of our climate by greatly reducing your carbon footprint.

Our highly trained and experienced Certified Energy Managers truly care about our customers and their buildings. They understand the constant challenges our customers face in order to keep their buildings running optimally and at the lowest possible cost. 

Our engineers have been optimizing the energy performance of buildings and industrial plants for many years. Let us share that experience with you.


How energy-efficient is your building or facility?

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About ENE

We understand the challenges that you face in order to keep your building running optimally at the lowest cost. We understand the pressures you’re under to maintain tenant comfort and security. We understand that your needs are unique and we tailor our services to fit in when we can provide the most value.

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