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Our Company History: The Evolution of ENE Systems, Inc.


ENE Systems, Inc.  has over 60 years of automatic temperature controls experience in the new england region.  The company has been privately owned from the beginning and we have many employees who have worked with us for over 30 years!  

It has been said that complacency is the enemy of innovation.  This is one of many reasons why ENE has continuously reinvented itself, realigned its business objectives, exited some markets, entered some new markets and quickly jettisoned any products and/or services along the way that failed to deliver superior performance and value for our customers.  This is how our company, steeped in emerging technologies from the beginning of the digital age, has managed to remain relevant and competitive for more than 60 years.

"Customer service is the new marketing."

Very few companies make it for as long as ENE Systems has.  You may wonder what it takes for a business to survive a dozen recessions, an ever-changing landscape of corporate co-ownership and extremely stiff competition from several much, much larger national HVAC controls companies operating in the same cities and towns around New England. You may wonder how a company this old has managed to grow year-over-year, consistently, for more than 25 consecutive years.  

What could we possibly be doing to produce these kinds of eye-popping results?  It's really very simple:

It's Our People!

Yes, of course, admittedly, it's a tired, over-used cliche.  Every company claims to have "the greatest people."  And many of them, we are sure, do have some really great people working for them.  But at ENE, we take hiring great people to the next level. We are extremely selective in our hiring process, placing more emphasis on ensuring that we hire someone who will not only fit in to the company culture, but will also participate in it with enthusiasm.

We have fostered a culture of community; of collaboration. We've created a working environment in which we empower our employees to do what must be done in order to ensure that our customers are not just "satisfied."    We want them to be blown away by our customer service and attention to detail.  

Our commitment to bringing a world-famous customer experience to everyone we do business with is stronger than ever and that is because we believe in that vision for ENE.  It's demonstrated in our products, in our services and in the companies we've partnered with over the last half-century.  Our commitment to quality, integrity and honesty isn't just lip-service or marketing spin. It's how we operate on a day to day basis and a key component to more than 60 years of success in this business.   

Here is a brief outline of the history of our company and how we have evolved over the years. 


ENE Systems, Inc.

Continues to provide regional leadership in the business of helping building owners reduce the costs of operating and securing their facilities.


ENE Systems, Inc. 

Completes the acquisition of Northeast Security Integrators of Rockland Massachusetts.  Northeast Security Integrators and all employees and relationships continue under the new name of ENE Security a division of ENE Systems, Inc.

ENE Systems, Inc.

Invensys PLC sells former Barber-Colman Co./Robertshaw manufacturing lines to T.A.C. (division of Schneider Electric).

ENE Systems, Inc.

President R. Lindsay Drisko acquires 100% local ownership from Invensys PLC.  Company is renamed to ENE Systems, Inc. and remains fully committed to providing premier building control systems and components, serving Eastern New England and Rhode Island.

Invensys ENE, Inc.

Siebe and British Tire and Rubber merge to form Invensys PLC, a world-class engineering group with global leadership in the high- and value-added controls and automation industry. Company renamed Invensys ENE, Inc.

Siebe Environmental Controls ENE, Inc.

Barber-Colman Co. acquired by Siebe PLC, based in Windsor, UK as part of a planned international expansion of controls holdings. Also acquired Robertshaw (commercial HVAC and appliance controls), Paragon (time clocks) and MA-based Foxboro Company (industrial controls).  Company renamed Siebe Environmental Controls ENE, Inc. to reflect Siebe's major product lines in Eastern New England.

Barber-Coleman Marcucci, Inc.

"Joint Venture" of Frank Marcucci and R. Lindsay Drisko with Barber-Colman Co. to expand company services and offerings in Eastern New England.

Barber-Colman Co.

Opened branch office of the Barber-Colman Co., a pioneer of HVAC products and services and Building Management Systems.  Company became a global manufacturer of sophisticated Automatic Control Systems.

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